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5 hot tips for being a sustainable Kiwi

5 hot tips for being a sustainable Kiwi

For today’s businesses, being sustainable is essential. Yes, minimising their impact on the environment and their communities has become as important as profit margins. But, you don’t need to be a business to do good for the environment. You, too, can be sustainable....

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How to ensure your Pink Bin arrives on time

How to ensure your Pink Bin arrives on time

Do you need to get rid of some waste from your property? Are you planning to hire a Pink Bin? If so, please give us plenty of notice. In this post, I explain why. In the wake of Labour’s win in last year’s election, confidence within the construction sector seemed to...

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A heads up on increased road user charges

A heads up on increased road user charges

If you live in Auckland, traffic congestion is probably causing you a bit of a headache — in the City of Sails, commuters spend on average 12 days stuck in traffic. So, to ease the pain, the Government has increased its dose of road user charges. Not long ago, our...

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Let me tell you about product stewardship

Let me tell you about product stewardship

Too much waste goes to landfill in New Zealand. And, solutions for the issue include increasing the landfill levy, imposing a levy on currently exempt managed fill sites (hardfill/soil/concrete) and improving product stewardship schemes. I explain product stewardship...

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Three tips for waste disposal this winter

Three tips for waste disposal this winter

In the Southern Hemisphere, winter officially begins on 21 June. So, perhaps now is a good time to offer some tips for ordering a Pink Bin over the next few months.   1: Cover up Apart from getting colder during winter time, you know what else happens, don’t you?...

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Is the landfill levy about to go up?

Is the landfill levy about to go up?

A couple of months ago, I wrote about the landfill levy — what it’s for and a bit about its background. I explained how the levy is probably not high enough in New Zealand to really encourage people to take a more responsible approach to how they deal with waste....

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Join us in our commitment to recycling, the next time you have rubbish to dispose of hire a Pink Bins’ rubbish bin and we’ll take care of the rest.


How long can I keep my Pink Bin?

The maximum amount of time you can have your bin onsite is 4 days. In extreme cases we may allow 1-2 days extra but depends on demand at the time. 

How and when do I pay for my Pink Bin?

You can pay by cash, Visa, or Mastercard upon delivery of the bin.

How high can I fill my Pink Bin?

The bin must not be filled above a line level with the top of the sides. The doors of the bin should also be able to close and shut properly.

Will the Pink Bins’ truck fit down my driveway?

Pink Bins’ trucks are 6 metres long, 2.3 metres wide and 2.8 metres high. They require approximately 2.5 metres driveway width. If you have a difficult site a Pink Bins’ representative will arrange a site visit prior to bin delivery. Please phone 0800746524.

What if nobody is home when my Pink Bin is delivered?

You will need to leave detailed instructions on where to place the bin. Payment must be received before delivery.

I don't have the space to leave a bin on-site?

We have a ‘Wait and Load’ service for garden and general rubbish in all regular pink bin sizes. A Pink Bins’ truck will deliver your Pink Bin and wait while you load it. The standard time for a ‘Wait and Load’ service is 30 minutes (extended time by arrangement). Prices are similar to regular bin hire but may vary depending on your location.

I would like a Pink Bin for garden rubbish only?

Pink Bins for garden rubbish only can be supplied at a discounted rate. Please note: the presence of any general or hardfill rubbish in garden rubbish bins will mean the general rubbish rate must be charged. Click here to find out more about our garden rubbish only bins.

Are you WINZ approved?

Yes, we are. Call us for a quote today.

What is the difference between general, hardfill, recyclable and green waste?

You can download a PDF file explaining the difference between general, hardfill, recyclable, and green waste rubbish.

Can green waste be mixed with general rubbish?

Yes, we separate green waste and general rubbish at our Manukau recycling plant.

What if I have a mixture of hard fill rubbish and general rubbish?

This is classified as a mixed bin. There is no weight limit for such a bin but there are only two sizes available (because of the potential weight). If you have any questions, please discuss with the Pink Bins Office prior to loading your Pink Bin. Click here to find out about our mixed bin for general and hardfill waste.

What are Pink Bins terms and conditions?

You can download a PDF file explaining our terms and conditions.

What do I do with hazardous chemicals?

Hazardous waste cannot be placed into your Pink Bin. For details on disposal of hazardous chemicals and waste, contact your local council, or go to for information on collection services.

What is the Government landfill levy?

The Government charges a levy of $10.00 per ton of waste sent to landfill. To cover this levy and its associated administrative costs, Pink Bins must charge a fee of $15 including GST, per bin of landfill waste.

What is the purpose of the Government landfill levy?
  • To raise revenue to promote and achieve waste minimisation.
  • Increase the cost of waste disposal to recognise the costs of waste on the environment, society and the economy.
  • Provide an economic incentive to change behaviour and reduce the amount of waste generated.

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