3 excellent reasons why you should use Pink Bins - Pink Bins

We don’t ‘blow our own trumpet’ that often. It’s not our style. However, if you need to remove waste from your property, you’d probably be interested in knowing why hiring a Pink Bin is a good idea. Here are three reasons. 


We’re Kiwi-owned

Andy and Sue Stuart started Pink Bins in 1998. Back then, our business consisted of just one truck and 10 bins. Today, thanks to a commitment to exceeding our customers’ expectations, we now operate 12 trucks with more than 500 bins throughout Auckland.

So, we’re Kiwis. “Why does that matter?” you might say. Well, any profits we make stay in the New Zealand economy, and we buy local, too. With COVID-19 sucking billions of dollars out the country’s economy, supporting Kiwi businesses is a win-win all ‘round. 

Also, when you book a Pink Bin, you get to talk to an actual person. Of course, automation would probably be more cost efficient for us. However, by talking to our customers, we can gather more information regarding delivery requirements and provide a more pleasant customer-service experience. 

We care about the environment

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know that we believe in recycling. That’s why we set up a recycling plant in Manukau, South Auckland, to extract recyclable waste to be freighted to various recycling centres.

The benefits of recycling

  1. Save natural resources: The human race currently numbers more than 7.8 million. Planet Earth has a finite amount of natural resources, so by recycling plastic, we need fewer fossil fuels and hydrocarbons. And, by recycling timber and paper, we save trees
  2. Reduce carbon emissions: When organic waste goes to landifill, it eventually breaks down and releases dangerous carbon, known as greenhouse gas, which causes global warming. One of the things that we do to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill is work with community enterprises like Mahurangi Wastebusters
  3. Protect wildlife: The more waste that litters our environment, the more wildlife suffers. Plastic is particularly hazardous when it makes its way into our oceans and is consumed by marine creatures that mistake it for food. 

Size matters

Do we have the biggest trucks in the waste-disposal business? Well, no. And, we’re bragging about this? Yes! Many of our competitors’ trucks require 3 meters of width to get down a driveway. Our trucks need just 2.5 meters. So, we can generally get into smaller spaces. In our business, bigger is not always better.

While Auckland is in alert-level three, we’re still able to operate as normal, so long as we practice social distancing. So, if you need to get rid of waste on your property, give us a go.

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