We give a SHVT about your 1’s and 2’s in our hi-vis coloured portaloos.

Keep your worksites humming along with our two options of portaloos. They adhere to and exceed NZ Health and Safety standards! Perfect for our Trade customers.

All SHVT boxes come delivered with:
1. 150 degree steam blasted with disinfectant
2. ATP Sanitisation monitoring
3. Hospital Grade hand sanitiser
4. Site Safe Credited

Dimensions – 2.35m (L) x 1.8m (W) x 1.2m (D)Tank Capacity: 246 LtrsWeight: 76 KgSeat Height: 495 Mm

Popular with the construction industry, our Safe Hi-Viz Toilet is the undisputed leader with construction sites, site builders, site managers and large project managers.

The SHVTBOX comes with an open bowl toilet, hand sanitiser and a urinal for male convenience.

It boasts a new and spacious interior aiding in a comfortable portable loo experience.



Gel Hand Sanitiser

Hover Handle

Mirror On Back Of Door


Spacious Interior



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SHVT Boxes


Pink Bins - Portaloo

Dimensions – 2.35m (L) x 1.8m (W) x 1.2m (D)Tank Capacity: 170 LtrsWeight: 91 KgSeat Height: 508 Mm

Our standard flushing portable toilets are a great mid-range option for all types of sites.

These units are suitable for anything from a construction site wanting a nicer-than-usual unit, to a family to use during a home reno.

We offer regular servicing on this unit to keep it maintained. These units are flushing, with hand sanitiser and the option to include a urinal for male convenience.


Fully flushing with foot pump


Jumbo toilet paper

Gel hand sanitizer



portaloo info


SHVT Boxes


Pink Bins - Portaloo


What is the charge per week?

For non-flushing $52.00+GST per week. Full-flushing is $57.00+GST per week.

Are there any delivery/pickup fees?

Not with us, free!

Do they have hand basins?

No, we have hand sanitiser stations in each loo. So don’t poke your finger through the toilet paper!

How long does it take to come?

Each area of Auckland has a dedicated delivery day, however we are flexible on this so if your in need just call and we will do our best to make things work!

What time of day will it come?

You can request a particular time however the drivers will generally work out the most efficient route. We can add notes to job e.g. call the site manager when heading their way.

What amount of space does the driver need for servicing the loo?

The operator has 30m length hose so he can access the loo from a distance. However, any obstacles like retaining walls etc reduce this.

Do you have options for flushing or squatter style loos?

Yes we certainly do. We can offer flushing and squatter-style portable toilets.

How often does it get serviced?

The pricing allows for one service weekly. You have the option of more, but pricing will increase slightly.

How long can I keep it or is there a minimum time frame I have to keep it?

Minimum of 7 days to receive the standard pricing, if under that a different structure incurred.

Do you do portable showers and what do we need with it/how much is it?

These would be POA and there are very limited numbers on these.

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