Pink Bins has been in the waste management business since 2005, but this year we have some exciting news to share with you about how you can pay to hire one of our Pink Bins. 

These days, if you’re looking for an easy way to ditch the junk in your trunk (and by that of course we mean the rubbish around your home or worksite), you can’t go wrong with a skip bag or skip bin

But if you haven’t purchased from us before, or if it’s been a long time since we last hooked you up, let us demystify the process of acquiring a Pink Bin or Pink Bag, and outline all of the latest and greatest options to pay for your order! 

How Can I Pay For My Skip Bin? Afterpay and Other Payment Methods

You may have heard that on Wednesdays we wear pink. But why limit yourself to just Wednesdays? When you hire a skip bin, or buy a skip bag from us, you get to decide how long you’d like it for! And you get to decide how you’d like to pay for it!

You probably already know that we can accept a wide range of waste in our skip bins and skip bags (for our Pink Bins, we offer a general waste bin, and we can also offer specialised bins for the likes of hard fill. Plus, here’s the full list of what we can and can’t accept in a Pink Bag), and when you chose Pink Bins to take your junk away, you know that eagle-eyed team at our purpose-built sorting facility will send your waste to be recycled if possible, otherwise, it’ll be disposed of responsibly. 

So, if you’d like to Think Pink, you should know that the prices of skip bags and skip bins can vary based on several factors, including the size of the skip, what you plan to fill it with. And, how you choose to pay for your skip bin, or bag, is just as flexible – we have a whole range of options to suit you! 

Credit or Debit card

We’re all familiar with the classic online card payment these days, so we won’t bore you too much with this one! Simply order through our website, check out with a credit or debit card and you’ll be away laughing. 

afterpay skip bin

Cash to driver on delivery 

This one’s also pretty straightforward, because who doesn’t love the K.I.S.S. principle! 

Personally, we’re big fans of the ol’ Keep It Simple Stupid method, that’s why our drivers are happy to accept cash payments* (of the correct change) when they come to drop off your skip bin. 

*We aren’t able to accept cash on delivery for Pink Bags as these are usually sent out with a third-party courier service.  

Direct credit prior to delivery

Another option is for us to take a direct credit from your chosen bank account prior to delivery of your skip.

And don’t worry! Even if your bin is filled to the brim, if you’ve followed our guidelines for disposing of your waste, it’s unlikely there’ll be any extra charges when we come to collect your load. There aren’t any hidden fees to worry about either – what you pay upfront through the direct credit is all you’ll have to worry about forking out.  

WINZ subsidies

At Pink Bins, we work closely with WINZ to offer subsidies on Pink Bins and Pink Bags. If you’re eligible, WINZ may be able to help you pay for the cost of your bin or bag! Hip, hip, hooray! 

You can check out more details and get us to hit you up with a Work and Income quotation through our website. 


At Pink Bins we’re here to make things easy for Kiwis just like you, so, drumroll please! 

…We’re excited to announce that you can now pay for your skip bin using Afterpay!

If you haven’t used Afterpay before, it’s simple, you can buy your skip bin now, and pay for it later. But seriously, here’s how it works; you just download the Afterpay app, or sign up online, purchase what you need, and pay in four equal, interest-free instalments over six weeks. So long as you pay on time, there are no extra fees! 

It takes just a few minutes to get set up with an account with Afterpay’s instant approval decision, and you’ll start with a $600 spend limit, which is more than enough to buy whatever skip bin solutions you need from Pink Bins! How good, right?

You pay for the first instalment of 25% at the time of purchase, and the remaining three instalments will be automatically deducted from your nominated debit or credit card over the following six weeks. Afterpay pays us in full upfront, so that you can get your skip bin as soon as you need it and pay for your skip bin hire later!

skip bin hire pay later

Other ways to pay

We’re not above being paid in ancient gold doubloons, unicorn hides, or magical items of a similar, or greater, value*. But for those of us who haven’t been lucky enough to stumble upon a magical lamp or ring, cash, card, or direct debit, Afterpay might be the best bet to pay for your skip bin hire later!

We want the process of managing your waste responsibly to be as easy as possible. So, no matter where around Auckland you live, and no matter how you’d like to pay for it, we can help you out.  

If you’d like to know more about how we can help you with your waste management, or to order a Pink Bin, or Pink Bag, check out our website, or give us a shout

*Pink Bins reserves the right to refuse to provide goods for the trade of any magical items deemed to be of lesser value than Pink Bin’s products. Pink Bins may be unable to accept the trade of goods that do not have a certificate of authenticity proving rightful ownership and magical abilities. This is at Pink Bin’s sole discretion.