Environmental groups say you must recycle. After all, resources are limited and the world isn’t getting any bigger.

At Pink Bins we agree. However, even if you care little about the state of the planet, take note: recycling is also good for business. Did that get your attention? 

In this post we explain why recycling is good for business. If you find this useful please share. We welcome your comments.

No excuse for not recycling

There is really no excuse for not recycling. It cost you nothing and is simple — all you have to do is throw your waste into a bin and let waste companies, like ours, do the rest.

If you use a waste company that recycles, rather than heading straight to landfill, they take your waste to a depot to be sorted.

At Pink Bins we employ eight full-time staff to separate recyclable materials from waste. Materials that can be recycled include:

  • Timber
  • Gib
  • Metal
  • Cardboard
  • Green waste
  • E-waste.

Though we don’t handle it ourselves, plastic can also be recycled.

So, you know that recycling is good for the planet; there is no excuse for not doing it. Now let’s see why recycling is good for business.

1: Recycling reduces your costs

The Auckland City Council wants to reduce landfill waste by a massive 1.2 million tonnes per year — enough to cover Eden Park rugby field to twice the height of the Sky Tower. As a result, the Waste Minimisation Act

 imposes a $10-per tonne levy on landfill waste. This levy, of course, adds to the expense of waste disposal. So it is more cost effective to use a waste company that recycles.

It may surprise you to learn that we feel the Council hasn’t gone far enough. In England and some states of Australia the levy for landfill waste is as high as $100 per tonne. At that sort of price, we’re sure businesses would stop and take notice.

You’ll win more business

More organisations, particularly government departments, now demand that their suppliers’ run sustainable businesses. So, what happens to your waste can have a direct influence on whether or not you win a contract.

This concern for the environment has led to the establishment of The New Zealand Green Building Council, which runs a voluntary Green Star Rating programme to encourage green building practices.

Recycling is good for the economy

Okay, we know this might not affect you directly, but it’s still an excellent reason to recycle. Recycling and buying recycled goods creates demand for more recycled goods. And recycling is a growing industry that creates jobs giving more people money to spend — maybe on your products or services.

What do you think? If you found this post useful please share. We welcome your comments.