A Heads-Up On Pink Bins’ Aggregate Service


Are you doing some work around the house? Well, at Pink Bins, we offer an add-on service that fits nicely with delivering and picking up bins. Let us explain.

For a number of years now, we have supplied several of our account customers with aggregate supplies — stuff like scoria, builders’ mix and cement. You see, most of the sites that we off-load our hardfill at offer landscaping products. So, it’s very easy for us to drop off a load of hardfill and then fill up with aggregate.

We can supply up to 5 m³ of aggregate, so our service is ideal for small jobs, like drives, pathways and gardens. We can also deliver within 48 hours of receiving your order.

Killing two birds with one stone

Many of our customers need a bin for waste removal as well as sand or building mix, etc. So, we supply them with a bin and aggregate at the same time. Usually, we’ll tip the aggregate onto our customer’s property — shoveling gravel from a bin isn’t much fun. If you want us to tip onto your lawn, though, make sure you lay down a plastic sheet first to avoid an ongoing mess.

Do I need to hire a bin to get aggregate?

No. We can unload aggregate to you and then drop off the bin we transport it in, to another customer in your part of Auckland.

Tip: To avoid ordering too much or too little aggregate for a project, check out this helpful website.

A couple of other add-on services

  • Wait and load: These days, properties are getting smaller. So, you may not have much room at your place for a large bin. No problem. Our driver can deliver your bin and wait for 30 minutes while you load it. If you need longer than 30 minutes, please let us know in advance.
  • Portable toilet hire: Is your bathroom out of action — maybe due to home renovations? No problem, we can deliver a portable toilet from $70 plus GST per week.

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