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Our pink bags pack a big punch in time and space!
Suits any garden or work site.

If space is a premium and you’re in need of waste disposal with flexible time frames, our Pink Bags are the perfect solution for you. They suit environments where bins can be seen as “unsightly”, or if you don’t have a lot of room on your property. If timeframes are a bit of an unknown, no worries as you fill it at your own pace! There are no deadlines with a Pink Bag.

It’s super easy:
1. Purchase one of our bags.
2. Fill your bag at your own speed.
3. Call us and we’ll come pick it up.

Dimensions 3m3 – 2m (L) x 1.5m (W) x 1m (H)

Price includes the bag, freight and collection. We will send the bag via courier.Weight limit on the bag is 800kg.

You can have the bag as long as you want, just call us for pick up and we will collect it within 7 days.

Do’s and Dont’s:


Construction waste, demolition waste, garden waste, applicances, household waste.

Not Allowed

Hazardous waste, asbestos, gas bottles, car or lithium batteries, food waste, chemicals, paint, tyres, fluorescent tubes, large quantities of clean fill, hard fill, and soil, fridges and freezers unless degassed.

Bag Measurements


Prices start from $197

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What size do they come in/how much rubbish can they hold?

The bags are 3 cubic metres. Dimensions are 2mL x 1.5mW x 1mH.

How long can I keep it for?

They can have the bag as long as they want, just call when they want it collected.

What time of day does it come/get picked up?

The bag will be sent via Courier, so Mon-Friday business hours. The collection will be within 7 business days from the customer calling for pickup.

How far in advance do I need to order it/how long does it take to come?

Allow 2 days for the bag to be delivered via Courier.

How high can we fill it?

You can fill it to level of the top of the bag as that enables the bag to be carted safely.

What is the cost?

$197inc GST.

How do we get it picked up / Do you pick it up?

Call us on 0800 746 524 or email us [email protected]

Where should it be located on the property for collection?

You can download a PDF file explaining where the bag should be located.

What can I/can’t I put in it?

You can download a PDF file explaining what you can and can’t put in the bags.

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