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At Pink Bins, we specialise in the removal of all kinds of waste. So, for our commercial customers, we provide a portaloo service to ensure that the ‘call of nature’ doesn’t get in the way of a productive day. 

Pink Bins SHVTBOXs

Popular on construction sites, our Site Safe-credited portaloos (SHVTBOXs) feature an open bowl, hospital-grade hand sanitiser — and for the lads — a urinal. They also receive ATP Sanitation monitoring and are 150-degree steam-blasted with disinfectant. 

Fun fact

Mass production of toilet paper didn’t start until the late 1800s. And splinters were a problem until splinter-free toilet paper became available in 1935. Yikes!



A Standard SHVTBOX is 2,35 m long, 1.8 m wide and 1.2 deep. It has a tank capacity of 246 L, weighs 76 kg and the seat is 495 mm high. 

If you want a little more comfort, we also offer a Standard Flushing SHVTBOX. With this option, the length, width, and depth are the same, but it has a greater tank capacity of 170 L and a taller 508 mm seat. Most importantly, the Standard Flushing SHVTBOX is fully flushing with a foot pump and comes with jumbo toilet paper. 

Another fun fact

The liquid used in portaloos is blue. Why? Well, the blue die disguises the appearance of the other stuff. Y’ know what we mean? 

Common questions

How often do you service the portaloos?

With standard pricing, you receive one weekly service. If you require more servicing, the pricing will increase slightly. 

Are there delivery/pick-up fees?

No. We don’t charge a fee. 

How long must I keep the portaloo?

For standard pricing, you must keep the portaloo for a minimum of seven days. 

How much room does a driver need for servicing?

Operators have a 30-meter hose, so they can access portaloos from a distance. However, please remove obstacles that could make access difficult. 

Want to know more?

For more information about Pink Bins portaloos, please click this link. Otherwise, give us a call at 0800 745 524.