At Pink Bins, we have two waste categories: general and hardfill. If you need to dispose of waste from both, we offer a General Hardfill Mix bin.  For this type of bin, in this post, I explain some of the things you need to know.

Waste categories

Firstly, in case you’re not sure, here is an explanation of the two waste categories:

  • General: materials you’ll find around your house like Gib, timber, furniture, plastic and green waste.
  • Hardfill: materials like soil, clay, bricks and concrete.

You pay a larger fee for a General Hardfill Mix bin but get the convenience of being able to fill it with both general and hardfill waste. Also, there is NO WEIGHT LIMIT.

Restricted waste

There are some things that you can’t put in a General Hardfill Mix bin. For example, do not load it with anything that could be harmful to our drivers or recycling team, like asbestos, chemicals or medical waste. Also, though not hazardous, you can’t put tyres in your bin; they can’t be compacted, and landfill won’t take them.

For a complete rundown on what you can and can’t put in your bin, view this information sheet.

Where do tyres go? At Pink Bins, we send them to J & J Laughton Shredding Services for shredding. They remove the steel and make a type of bark substitute for places like horse arenas.


Though you might be tempted, don’t overfill your bin. The waste should lie flat and not protrude over the top. This is a safety issue because overloading is dangerous. Also,  if a piece of timber, for example, flies out of your bin while in transit and causes damage, our driver is liable.

Bin placement

Our driver will put your bin in an area where it can be picked up safely and without damaging your property. Please don’t move it.

Putting your bin close to a fence, for example, could cause damage to your fence during pick up. We also avoid driving on grass, particularly during winter, because heavy trucks on soggy lawns can make a heck of a mess.

Of course, we don’t want to put your bin in an inconvenient place, so we always ask for drop-off instructions.

Four-day hire

Our hire period is four days, which is the industry standard. We need a time limit because we don’t have infinite of stock, and we’d hate to let down any of our other customers. Having said that, if you hire bins regularly and need more time, let us know; we’ll see what we can do.

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