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How Pink Bins is making the best of lockdown

Who would have thought? If someone had told you a year ago that the world would grind to a halt because of a virus, you’d think they were mad. Well, it’s happened. In this post, is an update on how we at Pink Bins are handling the covid-19 lockdown.

Are you an essential business?

The government views waste collection as essential in certain sectors. So, we do still have a small amount of work on, including servicing Raglan Waste Recovery and some food and cleaning product manufacturers. Our office team continues to maintain the computer systems remotely, so we are still contactable via email or phone. If you run an essential business and need waste collection, please get in touch. We will, of course, need some form of written confirmation of your essential status.

Making lemonade

There’s no doubt that covid-19 is causing people a lot of anxiety and havoc to the economy. However, throughout history, major upheavals happen from time to time — think of the two World Wars, the Great Depression and the more recent Global Financial Crisis. So, we reckon the key to rising out of this crisis stronger and better than before is to make the best from what we’ve got. When handed a lemon, make lemonade!

Lockdown has benefits

On the bright side, forced isolation isn’t all bad. For example, we’re sure that Mother Earth is breathing a sigh of relief now that humans aren’t polluting the environment so much. Also, now is the time to do things that we wouldn’t normally have time for.

One of our owner-drivers is keeping busy. His wife works in an essential service, so he spends his days feeding and amusing his kids. So far he’s built a new veggie garden.

Another member of our office staff is making use of their new-found free time by tidying up their house and installing new underfloor insulation.

Pink Bins General Manager Craig Stuart is also making the most of the ‘current normal.’ At the start of lockdown, a friend invited (coerced) him on Facebook to take part in a 25-Day Push-up Challenge, which promotes exercise as important for mental wellbeing.

The idea is to do 25 push-ups on the first day and add one more every day thereafter. So, by the end of lockdown (assuming it ends after 25 days), you reach 49 push-ups. While writing this post, Craig is up to 44 push-up. Well done!

The whole push-up challenge must have inspired Craig. He also takes his kids for a daily stroll around the block, keeping within their bubble, of course, and he does boot camp-like workouts and weight training. Craig reckons that he feels so good that he is more than justified to sink a few beers at the end of the day! What’s the point of work without reward?

Moving forward

When lockdown is over, we’re looking forward to returning to business wiser and stronger than before and also with a better appreciation of what we have. Heck, we might even start to enjoy Auckland’s gridlock!

Anyway, stay safe within your bubble and please abide by the government’s guidelines. The sooner we stamp out covid-19 the better.

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