How we are keeping safe during level 2 - Pink Bins

On May 11, the Government finally gave the green light for New Zealand to shift to alert level 2. How have things changed for Pink Bins? Well, not a lot. We take the threat of COVID-19 extremely seriously, so the precautions we are now taking in level 2, are much the same as they were in level 3.

Keeping our people safe

To minimise the possibility of our staff contracting or spreading COVID-19, we are going over and above the Government’s guidelines.

For example,

  • All recycling staff must wear face masks, gloves and other PPE gear while at work.
  • One staff member only can operate machinery at any one time. We wipe down controls twice daily.
  • We clean our restrooms and lunchroom daily with antibacterial products.
  • Before entering the lunchroom or office area, all staff must remove their gloves and store them in an isolated area. Then, they must wash and dry their hands thoroughly and sanitise.
  • No more than two staff members are allowed in the lunchroom at once — the one-meter distance rule applies.
  • All staff must provide their own packed lunches, utensils and drinking cups/bottles.

Advice to our customers

We all must work together to stamp out COVID-19. Only then can New Zealand return to how things were a few months ago. So, please take note of the following safety precautions.

When receiving bins

We appreciate that Kiwis are generally hands-on kind of folk. But, unless there’s an emergency, when our driver is attaching or releasing the chains to your bin, please resist the temptation to help. Also, when telling our driver where you’d like your bin placed, please keep a safe distance. No handshakes!

When disposing of waste at our recycling facility

We’re working hard to keep our people safe. So, it should go without saying, but if you feel unwell or have been around somebody who is unwell, PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM OUR FACILITY.

Here are some DOs and DON’Ts for when visiting our facility:

  • You CAN de-tarp your bin or truck outside as per normal.
  • Please DON’T touch the weighbridge kiosk. Use your assigned Dallas tag.
  • Please DON’T leave your vehicle in order to open the doors on your tipper. Our staff can help. If you must leave your vehicle, please inform our staff so that they can keep a safe distance.

If you have any issues with your tip docket, please call us on 0800 746 524. We can sort out the problem on our software and resend it to you.

Regardless of all the precautions that we must take, it’s good to be back to some kind of normality. We’ve just all got to work together to beat this COVID thing and get New Zealand back running on all four cylinders. We’re doing well so far.

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