In case you don’t know, the system for inorganic collection has changed. So, no longer will our streets be lined with unsightly junk for weeks on end — we hope.

Overall, the changes are a good thing, as they should improve the efficiency of recycling in Auckland.

According to Auckland Council, the change is part of a 10-year plan to develop a network of community recycling centres. The inorganics picked up will be taken to these centres. Eventually, the public will be able to drop off stuff any time they like.

Illegal dumping

The new system may encourage illegal dumping, though. Why? Well, under the new rules, Council will only pick up one cubic metre of waste. Believe us when we say, some people have a lot more than that. Where will the rest go? Well, there is a yard near our depot in Manukau that is already a constant target for illegal dumping — it seems like contractors are there tidying things up weekly.

You have to book

Like previously, collection is an annual service, and pick-ups began in February this year. They must be booked, and it pays to get in quick because each suburb is assigned a pick-up date. For example, if your suburb was scheduled for March, you’ll be out of luck if you try to book a pick-up now. You’ll have to wait until next year.

Keep it off the street

As already mentioned, you can no longer leave your inorganics on the street. They must stay on your property — otherwise, you could be hit with a $400 fine.

There are now two categories:
  1. recyclable
  2. unrecyclable.

Two separate trucks will arrive (one for recyclable, one for other), and each pile cannot exceed one cubic metre, which is about the size of a small trailer load. And so they can be easily lifted by two people, individual items must not exceed 55kg.

Also, make sure your inorganics are easily accessible; put them close to your driveway, not in a shed or garage.

What will & won’t be accepted

Some of what will be taken:

  • electronics, like phones, TVs and computers
  • furniture, like beds, chairs and cabinets
  • appliances, like washing machines, fridges and stoves
  • small appliances, like vacuum cleaners, irons and toasters.

Some of what won’t be taken:

  • recyclable packaging
  • bags of rubbish
  • car parts, like tyres
  • asbestos

Hopefully, this new system will improve the way Auckland City manages waste. Let’s wait and see.

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