So, here we are: another new year. We’ve had a lot of fun writing this blog and hope you’ve found our ideas helpful. Anyway, to kick-off 2017, we thought we’d revisit some of our favourite posts related to waste disposal from 2016. Enjoy.

Who said waste disposal was boring?

Waste disposal isn’t the most glamorous of businesses. We get that. However, every now and then, we take on some pretty ‘interesting’ jobs. So, in April, we described working with a leaky home recladding specialist, having ‘fun and games’ removing asbestos and finding ourselves in the middle of a ‘rubbish protest.’ Read all about it in Waste removal isn’t always boring. Here are 3 recent jobs.

The problem with traffic

As a recycling specialist, what is one of the biggest headaches for our business? That’s easy: traffic congestion. It has reached the point in Auckland where there is no such thing as a quiet time on the road during daylight hours. Consequently, committing to set delivery/pick-up times has become much harder. The downtime caused is also an expense we can do without. To learn more about our thoughts on the issue, read our May post, Traffic congestion: how it affects Auckland businesses.

Plastic ‘schmastic’

As a company that specialises in recycling, we don’t care much for plastic. In fact, we’ve published several posts about why it is harmful to the environment. In June, we zeroed in on plastic bags, the havoc they unleash on marine life. We also showed what one conscientious business is doing to encourage people to seek alternatives. For more, read our post The horrors of plastic shopping bags.

Tips for waste reduction

You know, it’s not hard to cut down on waste. It just takes a bit of effort, and once you get into the swing of things, recycling becomes second nature. In July, for readers seeking some ideas and inspiration, we published 5 ways to reduce your waste.

New faces

‘The times certainly were a changin’’ for us in 2016. And, after nearly 20 years, founders Andy and Susan Stuart decided to step away for the business and take things a little easier. Of course, the business can’t run on autopilot, so son Craig became General Manager, and Janine Hutchings took over as Operations Manager. To learn more, read our November post, A changing of the guard at Pink Bins.

We hope you enjoyed our first post for the year. If so, please share.