Supporting Special Children’s Christmas Parties - Pink Bins

You know, there is one thing that every one of us has in common. What’s that? Well, once upon a time, we were kids. 

When you think about it, being born healthy and into a good, caring family comes down to luck. And, unfortunately, some children are doing it tough. That’s why for over ten years, Pink Bins has sponsored Special Children’s Christmas Parties

About Special Children’s Christmas Parties

Every Christmas, SCCP hosts spectacular Christmas parties throughout New Zealand for kids impacted by physical or intellectual impairment, life-threatening illness, domestic violence or poverty. The idea is to help these kids forget about the problems in their lives and have a fantastic day. The parties also give the families of the children the chance to meet other families facing similar challenges. 

You can help

Of course, SCCP can’t do the work that they do without the support of sponsors. And, the more sponsors they have, the more children can take part in the parties, and the bigger and better those parties can be. 

If you’d like to help out SCCP, you can choose from several sponsorship packages starting from $300. Each package includes digital advertising through SCCP’s media partner NZME, which means that your business will receive national publicity across several of NZME’s digital formats. SCCP also advertises on TV and social media. 

Where does the money go?

Funds from sponsorship go towards venue hire, such as Auckland Showgrounds. And every year, SCCP receives six 40-foot containers packed with a mix of high-quality educational and popular toys — two to three toys go to each child. Of course, there is food — SCCP has given away over 15,000 sausages over the past 20 plus years. And, every party needs entertainment, so the kids get to enjoy live stage shows, train rides, bouncy castles, games and more. 

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