Recycling versus reusing:

Recycling involves taking an old product and reprocessing it so that it, or the components that make it up, can be used as raw materials for the production of new products.

Recycling is not the same as reusing. Reusing involves, as the word suggests, reusing old products either by reselling them or simply using them over and over. e.g. the way many of us reuse plastic bags from the supermarket.

Some of the most common items recycled at the PINK BINS™ Recycling Plant are; plastic, glass, paper, metals, and, of course, all your garden waste is turned into compost and reused that way.

How you can recycle your rubbish:

There are four stages to recycling your rubbish – you only have to take care of Stage One, Pink Bins will do the rest for you.

Stage One:

Hire a PINK™ rubbish bin or skip from PINK BINS™.

When you load your rubbish or green waste into a PINK BIN™ hire bin, you’re playing a big part in the recycling process because The Pink Bin Company Ltd are committed to recycling as much of your waste as possible. Fill in a form online to order your PINK™ Bin rubbish bin.

Stage Two:

We’ll take your rubbish back to The PINK BINS’™ South Auckland recycling plant where it is sorted, cleaned if necessary, and shipped to the various plants that will transform it into new products. Read more about what The Pink Bin Company Ltd recycles and how we do it.

Stage Three:

At the various recycling plants your rubbish is transformed into new products such as, wood chips and exportable wood products, gypsum, organic fertilizer and compost, and a variety of plastic and metal products.

Stage Four:

Finally, the goods produced by your recycled rubbish are sold. Who knows, you may even buy some of your old rubbish back.

The Challenge and Our Commitment:

recycle PB image.jpgThe more people like you and I are willing to recycle our rubbish and purchase recycled products the more successful the process of recycling will be.

The Pink Bin Company Ltd is committed to recycling. That’s why we’re working with you to recycle your rubbish.

To help you with your recycling there is a series of recycling articles within this website. Make sure you read Why Recycling?