5 Tips for Your Summer Holiday Garden Clean up - Pink Bins

Ahhh, the summer holidays… Long days, beach swims and backyard barbeques! What’s that? Your backyard needs some attention before you can sit back and relax in the great outdoors this summer? No worries, Pink Bins is here to help! We have a range of garden waste bin options to suit every backyard, and we’ve also got you covered with a few tips to make cleaning up your garden quick and easy, so that you can spend more time enjoying your little slice of paradise this season.

5 Tips for Your Summer Holiday Garden Clean up

Here are a few simple steps to battle the triffids in your garden, and fill up your bin with garden waste, so that you can get straight into the best parts of summer!

1. Break it down

It’s easy to get overwhelmed, but there’s no need to tackle everything at once! Cleaning up an overgrown garden can seem daunting at first but, once you get started, you might be surprised by how much you can tackle over a short period. Pick a section to work on, commit to seeing how much you can get done in a set amount of time, or aim to fill a bin and see what happens. 

Get those beats pumping, identify the section you’ll clean up/set your timer/grab your garden waste bin, and remember to have a drink and some snacks close by (no one likes gardening when they are dehydrated and hangry). Once you gain some momentum and can start to see your progress, you might not want to stop!

2. Track your progress!

This might seem like an unnecessary extra step, but take before and after photos of your hard work! Once you’re in the zone, it’s easy to lose sight of where you started; and when your garden waste bin has been emptied, there’ll be no proof of how much foliage you cleaned up (except maybe a great tan!). Taking some progress shots ensures that you give yourself a pat on the back and appreciate how far you’ve come! 

Not only that, but by keeping a visual record and looking back after a while, you’ll be able to see how much your garden has flourished over time and changed through the seasons!

Garden Clean up

3. Invest in the right gear

Got all the gear and no idea? Or maybe no gear, and no idea? Either way, it might be time to invest in some proper tools to make your garden clean ups a breeze! Of course, you’ll need a garden waste bin and a good pair of gloves, and with a rake, fork, hand trowel and shovel, you’ll be able to take on just about anything! But, if you want to level up your clean up game, depending on the projects you’d like to tick off in your garden, some shears, a hoe, fork and an edger could be worth looking into as well. 

Whatever makes your gardening easier and more enjoyable is a great tool to invest in and, if you select high quality tools, there’s no reason they won’t last a lifetime!

4. Think Pink

Did you know that when organic waste is sent to the landfill, it releases carbon gas and contributes to global warming? One small, but significant, choice you can make this summer to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is to dispose of your green waste with care. 

We have options for separate general and green waste skips, and our Pink Bags give you the freedom to dispose of garden waste AND household waste and appliances responsibly without having to think about a thing! We know it can be a bit confusing working out what can go where, but there’s no need to feel bad for sending your green waste to the landfill; when you hire a Pink Bag, we sort your waste for you and make sure green waste gets disposed of correctly, anything that can be recycled is, and only the waste that can’t is sent to landfill. 

So, make it easier on yourself, and the planet! Hire the Pink Bin, or buy the Pink Bag that best suits your needs, and after the prearranged period, or once you’ve filled it to the brim, let us know – we’ll come and grab it for you, and our awesome team will make sure your waste is disposed of responsibly. Bonus – you can now buy your Pink Bags directly on our website!

5. Plan for the future 

It’s easy to forget this step! Chances are, if your garden has gotten to the stage that you needed to read this blog for tips to get started, you probably live a very busy life and gardening isn’t your highest priority. It’s okay! We get it! We’re busy people too. 

Here’s the secret though: once you’ve got your garden in tip-top shape, you’ll want to think about how you can maintain it. It might be that the answer is weed mat and mulch, maybe this is just the first step to do some landscaping or plant a whole veggie garden and live off your land. It could be that the right solution for you is something entirely different! Whatever the case, sit back, admire your newly cleaned up space, and try to imagine how it could best suit your needs and schedule in the future.

Pink Bins Garden waste bin


Once you’ve wrangled your garden, (and your Pink Bin or Pink Bag has been taken away and sorted by us) it’s time to treat yo’self! Crack open a cold one, crank up the barbie, and invite your mates over to “Oooh…” and “Ahhh!” at your hard work (This is a great time to pull out those before photos from step 2)! Don’t forget to slip, slop, slap, and wrap! And don’t worry, if the sh** hits the fan and your garden grows wild again, we’ll still be here with our garden waste bins to help you clean it up next time!

So, what are you waiting for? Order your Pink Bin (or buy your Pink Bag!), lather on the sun block, and whip your garden into shape this summer!