At Pink Bins we offer a disposal service for asbestos. These bins are treated differently to a normal general waste bin.

You pay a service fee for delivery and collection of the bin and a tonne rate for disposal of asbestos.

  1.  Due to the hazardous nature of the product it requires a special burial. The bin needs to be lined with black polythene (250 micron thickness) and the asbestos placed into the bin and then the polythene placed over the asbestos and wrapped up like a parcel and sealed. Each package must be “conspicuously marked, in letters at least 25 millimetres high, with the words ASBESTOS HAZARD – WEAR RESPIRATOR AND PROTECTIVE CLOTHING WHILE HANDLING CONTENTS.

This is then taken to a landfill and buried in the hazardous section. Pink Bins can obtain a disposal certificate if required.