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Christmas is around the corner, and before you know it, 2020 will be all ‘done and dusted.’ How’s the year been for you? Uncertain? Stressful? Chaotic? Here’s how it’s been for us. 

The ‘Big C’

Last year, if somebody mentioned ‘corona,’ you’d probably imagine a cold beer.  Oh, bring back those days of innocence! However, since the Corona Virus (or COVID-19) gate-crashed our lives, ‘corona’ has taken on a whole new meaning. And, we now have a bunch of new words in our collective vocabulary — lockdowns, bubbles, social distancing, community transmissions … you know what we mean? 

Although sceptical at first, by March, Kiwis started to take the Corona Virus seriously. And, on March 9, the Government advised New Zealanders not to leave the country and recommended that those travelling overseas return home. On March 20, the gates to our borders closed to most foreigners. 

This year, we’ve written a lot about Corona. In a post titled How Has Corona Virus Affected Our Business?, we speculated about the impact Corona may have on the waste industry and explained how we were getting prepared. At that point, we hoped that the crisis would fade away; however, on March 25, New Zealand went into full lockdown. Things just got real.

Working in lockdown

When the lion’s share of your customers has ‘shut up shop,’ doing business is tricky. However, in April, we discussed how we were making the best of a bad situation. Our team operated remotely, and as the government classifies waste collection as an essential service, we still had some work. Of course, there was lots of downtime, which allowed us to do things that we normally wouldn’t have time for. One of our drivers, for example, built a new veggie garden, and a member of our office staff installed underfloor insulation in their home. Our general manager, Craig, also worked on his fitness and so took part in a 25-Day Push-up Challenge and boot camp-like workouts. So, a positive that came from COVID was that many Kiwis (not counting essential workers, like doctors and nurses) slowed down and spent more time on themselves and their families. 

Changes for the better

During a crisis, you can go one of two ways — sink or swim. At Pink Bins, we chose the latter, and, to be honest, we reckon that we’ve come out of COVID much stronger than when we went in. For example, we’ve taken a hard look at how we operate and are making much better use of technology. Also, thanks to taking the necessary hygiene precautions, our lunchroom has never been so tidy!

Merry Xmas

At this moment, we’ve optimistic about the future. Let’s face it: We’re very lucky to live in New Zealand where life is almost back to normal — look at what’s happening right now in Europe. So let’s all enjoy a summer break and feel good in the knowledge that Kiwis pulled together to keep our country safe.

From the Pink Bins team, we wish you a very safe and merry Xmas. 

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