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Xmas is just around the corner. And, soon most of us will be taking time off to enjoy a (hopefully) hot summer with family and friends. As well as fun and relaxation, the Xmas break also offers an opportunity to tidy up around the house. So, for our final post of the year, here are our tips for hiring a bin this Xmas.

Our holiday schedule

Everybody deserves a break — including us. With that in mind, to follow are the dates that we’ll be closed or working reduced hours over the Xmas break:

  • Closed: 24th, 25th and 26th of December
  • Reduced hours: 27th – 29th of December
  • Back to usual business hours on the 3rd of January 2019.

If you have any questions, call us on 0800 746 524.

What do you plan to throw out?

Will you be clearing a pile of junk out of the shed or doing some serious demolition work? The type of waste you need to dispose of dictates the type of bin you’ll need to hire.

At Pink Bins, we offer three bin options:

  1. General
  2. Hardfill
  3. Hardfill and general waste

A general waste bin is for stuff like wood, Gib board, plastic and green waste; a hardfill bin is for bricks, concrete and soil, etc. If you’re going to have both types of waste, it’s best to hire a hardfill and general waste bin. For more details, please check out this post.

Do you have to throw it all out?

The fewer things you send to landfill, the kinder you are to Mother Nature. So, instead of chucking everything you no longer need into a bin, think about what you can recycle.

Drop off those single-use plastic shopping bags that are jamming your kitchen drawer into a Soft Plastic Recycling bin. You’ll find one at supermarkets and shops. To locate a Soft Plastic Recycling bin near you, click here.

How about donating? Sites like  Freecycle and DonateNZ will find worthy homes for your unloved stuff, or if you’re not feeling charitable, make a few dollars on Trade Me.

Be careful out there!

Be safe. If you’re lifting heaving items into a bin, make sure you bend your knees. And, when driving long distances, be patient and take plenty of breaks.

Finally, from the team at Pink Bins, merry Xmas!

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