In the Southern Hemisphere, winter officially begins on 21 June. So, perhaps now is a good time to offer some tips for ordering a Pink Bin over the next few months.


1: Cover up

Apart from getting colder during winter time, you know what else happens, don’t you? Yes, you guessed right; it rains. With this in mind, it pays to cover up your Bink Bin with a tarpaulin if it’s likely to rain.


Why does keeping out the rain matter?

When rainwater collects in your bin, the load gets heavier. You see, there is a weight limit for every general waste bin (wood, furniture, Gib board, plastic and green waste, etc.) For example, the limit for a 9 m³ bin is 1,500 kg. Unfortunately, if your bin is overweight, we have to pass on an extra cost to you.


Why is there a weight limit?

All general waste bins have a weight limit because we calculate your price based on weight — we pay by weight at landfill. Also, an overloaded, overweight bin is dangerous.

Note: There is no weight limit for hardfill and hardfill general waste bins.


2: Stay off the grass!

Here’s a fact: trucks don’t play nice with lawns — mainly when the ground is wet. When your Pink Bin arrives, the driver will place it in a position where it can be picked up safely later on. Our smaller bins can be pushed manually, but please don’t move them. If you shift a bin onto the grass, when our truck comes to pick it up, it can get stuck and tear up your lawn.

Of course, it’s important that we drop off your bin in a place that is convenient to you, so please talk to the driver on drop-off.


3: Bend your knees

Finally, we don’t want any of our customers to put their backs out, so here are some tips for lifting heavy objects:

  • With your knees at shoulder width, squat down to the object.
  • Keep a straight back, and use your legs for power as you lift.
  • Keep the object close and level with your stomach. Don’t hold the object too high, which will make you top-heavy, or too low, which will make you slouch.
  • Using the power of your knees and hips, put the object down slowly.


We hope you found this post useful. If you did, please share.