You need a s#!t box. And no, we’re not talking about that beat-up old car sitting on your drive; you need portaloo.

How much to hire a portaloo, you ask? Probably a lot less than you think!

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Portaloo in NZ

The cost of living is certainly a topic of concern for the majority of us Kiwis, which is why at Pink Bins, we think it’s even more important than ever that companies are transparent about their pricing. You’ll find all of our standard prices for all of our core products on our website, but if you’re looking for a more custom solution for your waste, then we’re always happy to have a chat about your individual needs and to organise a quote for you.

Portaloos are perfect if you’re in the middle of renovating your only bathroom, working on a job site where the toilets haven’t been set up yet, or you’re planning an event and you’d like extra toilets for the crowds.

To find the right loo for you, if you’re living in or around Auckland, you have plenty of choices! And yes, we can hook you up with a portaloo hire too! We’ve partnered with our mates at FLSSH to bring you the SHVT BOX – or Safety Hi-Viz Toilet Box, and yes, of course, our ones are bright pink. 

Here’s everything you need to know about hiring a SHVT BOX portaloo from Pink Bins, as well as how much it costs:

How much to hire a standard portaloo? 

Let’s be real, you just need a place for people to pi$$ and s#!t, you don’t need something too fancy, otherwise people might be tempted to spend a little too much time in there. So, while it might be a great idea in theory to find a luxurious portaloo with all the comforts of home, it’s certainly not a must. 

Our standard SHVT BOXes come with an open bowl toilet, a urinal, hospital-grade hand sanitiser, and they are 2.35m (L) x 1.8m (W) x 1.2m (D).

If a basic loo sounds like a bit of you, then you need our standard portaloo. While you can’t put a price on comfort, or using the toilet in private, as the case may be, we can put a price on our standard portaloos, and that’s $55.50+GST per week.

How much to hire a standard portaloo

How much to hire a standard flushing portaloo?

Whether you’re doing number ones, or relieving the brown starfish, do your business in style with one of our SHVT BOXes.

We can’t give you heated seats, air-conditioning, or fresh towels, but we can give you the best in portaloo technology and comfort. Our flushing portaloos are set up with a foot pump-activated flush, and jumbo toilet paper, just for you!

Our flushing SHVT BOXes come with an open bowl toilet, a urinal, hospital-grade hand sanitiser, and  they are 2.35m (L) x 1.8m (W) x 1.2m (D) and they’ll set you back $60.50+GST per week.

How many do you need?

No one enjoys using a dirty, smelly toilet, that 100 other people have s#@t on before them. So, we recommend hiring one loo per 10 people. It’s simply really; if you’ve got 40 workers on a site, we suggest four loos. Only you and a few others? Then one should be plenty! 

All of our portaloos adhere to, and exceed, New Zealand Health and Safety standards. When you hire one of our s#!t boxes, they come delivered to you, freshly steam-blasted with disinfectant and clean enough to do whatever you need to do in there. Our portaloos also have ATP sanitisation monitoring, they’re equipped with hospital-grade hand sanitiser, and they’re Site Safe credited.

How often would you like your loos cleaned? 

Regardless of whether you want the basic b!tc# portaloo, or all the bells and whistles of our flushing dunny, our price includes one clean and restock of the bog roll and hand sanitiser each week you have your loo on hire. If you would like extra cleans, that’s no worries! Just let us know and we’ll sort it out for a small additional fee. 

When our drivers come to service your portaloo, they’ll be ready with their 30-metre hose to suck the life out of your portaloo (or, you know, suck the floaters out of it), which means you can have your unit set up wherever it’s most convenient, within reason (or, you know, within 30 metres of where the truck will park). If you’re not sure where would be the best place to set up your portaloo, we can recommend a spot to put it so that your people, and ours, can access it easily.

Where to hire portaloo auckland

How can Pink Bins sort you out?

While we always encourage people to shop around, we’re confident that you’ll love our prices, especially when we tell you that, on top of that complimentary weekly clean and restock, there are no extra fees for delivery or pick up either (some sneaky buggers like to add those in at the check out – frustrating, we know)! However, our portaloos are only available for a three-week, or longer, hire period. Most of our customers find they need their bog for at least that long, but it’s just something to think about!

It’s important to us that Kiwis dispose of waste responsibly, and that’s even more important when it comes to human waste. Let’s be real, this is one thing no one wants to DIY, no matter how handy you may be, and that’s why it’s best to hire a portaloo from the experts. You want a portaloo hire company that will give you great bang for your buck, that will take care of all the unmentionables for you, so you don’t have to think too much about your portaloo, and you a want a portaloo you feel comfortable dropping the kids off at the pool in.

You don’t just want any portaloo, you want one of Pink Bin’s pink thrones for your pink tush! That’s awesome, let us help you keep your work site or event humming along by taking care of your ones and twos – give us a call and we’ll sort the rest!