Pink Bins and ACC Workplace Safety Management Practice – Highest level achieved! - Pink Bins
  • Health and Safety practice and competence would arguably be the most important part to any business in modern society. Without health and safety legislation, you could imagine the amount of cost to tax payers for injuries at the workplace. In fact, did you know there was over 178,141 work related claims during 2012/13? This was funded by employers and exceeded $966 million dollars! (ACC annual report 2013).
  • In order to promote minimisation of workplace injuries as much as possible, ACC offers 3 different levels of workplace safety compliance to businesses. Each of these levels offers slightly different discounted rates on ACC levies, and is subject to an auditor determining what level an organisation complies with.
  • After 6 years and 3 audits, Pink Bins is proud to announce our achievement in reaching tertiary level of safety management compliance. This is the highest level offered from ACC and there are select few other companies in New Zealand who have achieved this compliance.
  • We would like to thank all of our staff and clients who have contributed towards our achievement. Recycling and safety work well together!
  • To find out more about the ACC safety management practice, check out: