Pink Bins and Springhill Prison – working together! - Pink Bins
  • Throughout the first 6 years in operating our recycling plant we found it very difficult to recruit reliable, hard-working and punctual staff. A number of attempts through agencies and subsidy programmes resulted in the same outcome – disappointment. Then we came across the Department of Corrections release-to-work programme, provided from Springhill prison located in Hampton Downs, Auckland.
  • The idea behind the programme is to re-integrate inmates who are due to be released from prison, and have earned themselves the privilege to work outside the prison walls. They all live in a flat-like situation and have the responsibility of paying for rent, food and petrol. They work side by side with people outside of prison, and are treated like they should be – a decent person looking for an opportunity to improve themselves and have a second chance at life.
  • We believe in this programme and have had huge success with finding good, hard-working employees. In fact, at least of half our recycling staff are re-employed once they leave the prison gates.
  • If you have had any issues with finding hard-working and dedicated employees like us, we highly recommend the release to work programme.
  • For further information, please either call us at any stage – or check out: