5 Green Spring Cleaning Tips - Pink Bins

Stop the press! Break out the stubbies, crank up the barbie and crack open a cold one – spring is in full swing and it’s time to enjoy it! 

Got a spot of spring cleaning to polish off around the house before you can invite the lads over to enjoy the longer days and warm evenings? No worries, mate! You can do it! And Pink Bins is here to help. 

5 Green Spring Cleaning Tips

Whether you’ve buried the BBQ under a pile of boxes in the garage, or your better half has been hounding you to weed the garden (We know, you only just weeded it – why does everything have to grow so fast this time of year?) spring cleaning is a great chance to freshen up your home, finish off the odd DIY project, and even start a new one! 

Not sure where to begin when it comes to spring cleaning your place? Check out our top tips below for a great place to start!

1. Take it slow

You don’t have to do all of your spring cleaning in one go. Make a plan before you start, decide what you’d like to tackle and when you’d like to get it done by. Feel free to take your time, break it up and do it over a few days, or even weeks if you need to – Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your whole house doesn’t have to be spring cleaned in one day either!  

Pink Bags are perfect for a slow and steady spring clean. Purchase your bag and we’ll send it out to you ASAP, then fill it at your leisure and give us a bell when you’re ready to go. We’ll come grab your spring cleaning rejects and whisk them away to our recycling facility where our team will sort your waste for you. Anything that can be recycled will be and anything that can’t will be disposed of responsibly – easy as!  

If a Pink Bag sounds like a bit of you, check out our skip bag pricing comparison to determine which skip bag is best for your spring cleaning. If you think a skip bag might be too small for your needs, you might find a Pink Bin more helpful, but it is worth noting that skip bins are great if you want to smash out your spring cleaning quickly, but they are only available for hire for a set time period, so your spring clean may be less slow and steady and more speedy and stressy which probably isn’t what you want.

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2. Repair, reuse, repurpose, re-gift

Spring cleaning doesn’t mean throwing out everything that no longer sparks joy. Not only is it terrible for the environment, your wallet won’t thank you either!

While you’re going through your things, take the time to repair anything you’ve been meaning to mend. If you can reuse things, definitely do! If you have a new use for something old, even if it means making some modifications, repurpose it! And if you have something that is in great condition, but it’s just not something you need any more, like that irrigation pipe you bought way too much of, why not re-gift it to someone in your life who could use it? You’ll clear up space in your home, keep something out of the landfill, and you’ll help a mate to save some dosh – win, win, WIN! 

If you have something that is still in good nick, but you don’t know anyone who could use it; donate it. There’s bound to be someone out there who will appreciate it and there’s no point sending something to the rubbish if it’s still fit for purpose. Except maybe those platform shoes your dad used to wear to the disco… no matter how well they’ve been looked after, it might be best for everyone if they are disposed of, but we’ll let you decide.

3. Don’t forget to clean

It’s easy to think of spring cleaning as an opportunity to tidy up a space and get rid of any clutter that’s built up, but don’t forget the “cleaning” part of spring cleaning! 

While you’re going through your old stuff, moving s#!t around and unpacking boxes that haven’t seen the light of day since you moved into your house, you’re going to make a mess, or you’ll uncover messes you didn’t even know were there. Take the time to clean as you go – future you will thank you for it.

…and don’t forget those hard-to-reach places like behind the fridge and under the stove!

4. Leave no stone unturned

Spring cleaning isn’t just for clearing out the garage and wiping away dust bunnies! It’s the perfect excuse to give your home and outdoor space a thorough once-over.

As the pollen dies down, it’s a great time of year to clean your windows! It’s also a good time to check gutters and downpipes, and even clean appliances. Yes, it could be a very good time to throw out that container of leftovers in the fridge and give the shelves a wipe down. 

While you’re at it, why not replace your HRV filters, give the deck a water blast, and check your smoke alarms work – basically, whatever your house needs!

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5. Make the most of it!

There’s no reason that spring cleaning has to be a drag. Rope the whole family in for a spring cleaning working bee and see how much you can smash through in an hour or an afternoon. 

Pump up the tunes, dig out the barbie and chuck a few snags on, take lots of breaks to admire your hard work and don’t forget to stay hydrated!

Spring cleaning can feel overwhelming, but once you break it down, make a plan to tackle it over a longer period of time, not just a single day or weekend, it can be a super rewarding process that’ll set you up nicely as we head into the silly season.

If our team can give you a hand by providing a Pink Bag or Pink Bin, let us know, we’d be happy to help!