Whether you’re hosting a backyard bash, managing a bustling construction site, or planning a glamorous outdoor wedding, ensuring your guests or workers have access to a clean and convenient place to …err…take a load off…is crucial.

That’s where Pink Bins come in. Yes, we provide skip bins, but we also have a range of portable toilets for hire too! (Please don’t get the two confused. Seriously). After teaming up with the blokes at FLSSH, we brought the SHVT Box (Safety Hi-Viz Toilet Box) to the people of Auckland.

We understand that your “number one” and “number two” needs aren’t exactly the most glamorous topic, but we take them very seriously. That’s why our motto is: “We give a SHVT about your 1’s and 2’s!”

To make sure that the process of portable toilet hire in Auckland is seamless and stress-free, we’ve put together our top tips for getting that sh*t right.

Tip #1: Size does matter

There’s nothing worse than trying to get your business done with your knees hard against the door. That’s why when you’re looking into options for portable toilet hire in Auckland, you need to break out the tape measure and get it right.

The standard portaloo size is about 1.2m wide and 2.1m high, but we decided to mix things up a bit. Our standard portable toilets are 1.8m wide and 2.35m high. They also have a good depth of 1.2m so you can have some alone time in relative comfort.

Tip #2: To flush, or not to flush?

Next, you’ll need to decide if you want portable toilets that can flush—or not. There’s nothing wrong with the latter as they serve the same purpose and use chemicals that break down waste in the same way. It probably just depends on who’ll be using them.

If your crew of tradies will be using them every so often during the day, you don’t necessarily need a flushing portable toilet. After all, we’re all friends here, right? If, however, you have a big event where a proper crowd will be lining up to use your loos, a flushing portaloo might be the better option.

Luckily, our fleet of SHVT boxes has a bit of both to cater to your specific needs.

First up, we have your Standard Portable Toilet. No fuss, no muss. Perfect for most events, our standard units are spacious, clean, and well-maintained. They adhere to and even exceed New Zealand Health and Safety standards, so you know they’re decent.

If you want something a little fancier, try our fully-flushing portaloos. These nicer-than-usual units flush at the press of a handy foot pump and even include jumbo toilet paper!

All of our portable toilets for hire feature urinals for the boys’ convenience, gel hand sanitiser, and a comfortable, spacious interior. What more could you want?

how much to hire a portaloo

Tip #3: Keep it clean

We don’t mean you need to be on your hands and knees scrubbing your portaloo. Whatever portable toilet you hire in Auckland should be steam cleaned, sanitised, and ready to go when you need it.

At Pink Bins, hygiene is our top priority. Here’s what sets our SHVT boxes apart:

150-Degree Steam Cleaning: Every one of our portable toilets gets a thorough scrubbing, including a 150-degree steam blast with disinfectant. This gets rid of any germs, ensuring a fresh and hygienic environment.

ATP Sanitisation Monitoring: We go beyond basic cleaning by using ATP sanitation monitoring systems. This advanced technology measures levels of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), an indicator of organic material and potential contamination. 

Hospital-Grade Hand Sanitiser:  Every SHVT box comes equipped with hospital-grade hand sanitiser. With our easy-to-use dispenser, there’s really no excuse for not washing your hands after you’ve finished the job.

Site Safe Accredited: Need a portable toilet on site? No stress. We understand the importance of workplace safety on construction sites, and that’s why our portable toilets are Site Safe accredited, ensuring they comply with all the important health and safety regulations.

Tip #4: Location, location, location

We’ve written a whole article on this, but when choosing a location for your portable toilets, make sure you prioritise accessibility and convenience for users. You’ll need to place your portaloo on a level surface (for obvious reasons) and in a well-drained area with easy access for both delivery and use. 

It shouldn’t need to be said, but avoid placing your portable toilet too close to buildings, food preparation areas, or walkways. If you’re not sure where to set up your portaloo, we can recommend a spot to put it so that your people, and ours, can access it easily.

Tip #5: It’s all about communication

When contacting a company that offers portable toilet hire in Auckland, it’s important that you actually tell them what you need. There’s no such thing as oversharing, especially when it comes to renting portable toilets. 

Communicate with your loo provider about the type of event you’re hosting, or the reason you need it, the expected number of users, how long you need to hire your portaloo for, and where you’d like to put it. 

We know that letting us in on every bit of info helps us recommend the most suitable units and ensure a smooth delivery and pick-up process for everyone involved.

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Why Choose Pink Bins?

Here at Pink Bins, we’re dedicated to providing exceptional service and top-quality portable toilets in Auckland.  

We’re happy to toot our own horn because we’ve had a lot of positive feedback from our customers, which means we’re getting something right!

Toot, toot, here’s why you should choose us:

Extensive Fleet: Whatever your portable toilet needs, we’ve got you sussed with our range of portaloos to suit any event or project.

Unmatched Hygiene: Our commitment to hygiene is near-fanatical, with rigorous cleaning protocols and advanced sanitation monitoring.

Reliable and Prompt: We prioritise on-time delivery, pick-up, and excellent customer service. After all, there’s nothing worse than sh*t service.

Competitive Rates: We offer competitive rates for your portable toilet needs without compromising on quality or service.

Locally Owned and Operated: We’re a proud Auckland company, dedicated to serving our local community with the best waste disposal and portable toilet solutions.

Ready to upgrade your portable toilet experience in Auckland? Contact us today for a free quote.