Ready to start that new project? Got the job site ready for all of the tradies to work their magic? 

Don’t forget to organise the sh*!#er! 

If you’re a site manager in Auckland, and you need to hire a portable toilet, or a few portable toilets, then you’re in the right place. Whether you call it the Super Bowl, the bog, the dump station, or the John, you can’t expect contractors to work without one and you need to make sure it’s set up correctly and in the right place.

Where to Place Your Portable Toilet?

Pink Bins has teamed up with the blokes at FLSSH to bring you the SHVT Box (that’s a Safety Hi-Viz Toilet Box, but SHVT Box to its friends)!

Real talk: portable toilets aren’t anything fancy. You might not have all of the comforts of home, but you’ll have all the necessities. Whether you choose our standard portable toilets, or our standard flushing portable toilets (which are set up with a foot pump activated flush, and jumbo toilet paper) you’ll have the dunny, a urinal, and hand sanitiser all within a 2.35m (L) x 1.8m (W) x 1.2m (D) unit. If you’re looking for something a little bit more glamorous, call it the lavatory, the latrine, the oval office, or the pissoir; it’ll instantly feel 10 times fancier*. 

*We don’t make the rules, everything is fancier in French – et voilà!  

Now, we are gathered here today, not just to help you find the right loo, but also to help you work out where that toilet should go; here’s what you need to consider:

Please the Flat Earthers 

This is not the time to search for the curve of the earth, you need a flat, stable piece of ground for your loo and you need it now! 

Suck up your pride, let your local Flat Earthers direct you to the flattest bit of dirt (or shingle, concrete, or grass) you can find.

Be easy (to access)

Your toilet needs to go in a location that is easily accessible to those who will be using it. That means it needs to be somewhere everyone who’ll be working on your site can easily get to. 

Avoid any tight spaces where people may have to squeeze by to make their way to the toilet (we all know bladders don’t enjoy being squeezed!), and make sure it’s not too far away from where people are working, because no one wants to plan a whole day trip to get to the loo, and you don’t want people to be spending more time than they need to away from their work. 

Where to hire portaloo auckland

Think of the privy

Just like when you sneakily watch the rugby highlights while on the job, you want privacy when you visit the privy! 

Relieving yourself isn’t a team sport, so keep your portable toilet away from any areas people may not enjoy smelling the loo, such as your office, or the smoko room. Trust us, the smell will put people off their lunch. Instead, have your toilets tucked discreetly around the corner, and definitely downwind from your contractors’ favourite hang-out spot so that nobody knows when you’re in there passing wind. 

Don’t be a d!ck

It’s important to us to help the construction industry dispose of waste responsibly, and that’s even more important when it comes to human waste. 

Place your portable toilet far away from any water sources such as rivers, lakes, or streams to prevent contamination. It’s unlikely, but we’ve all seen those videos of portable toilets falling over in the wind, or as the result of practical jokes or poor digger usage. 

Play it safe, and have your toilets placed where any spills can be easily managed. 

Stay in the spotlight 

Place your portable toilet in an area that will get enough light for people to see what they’re doing, even on dark cloudy days, or at night if your site works after dark. 

This is especially important if you’re expecting your project to drag into the winter months where those frosty mornings and early evenings can be pretty dark and gloomy. While our portable toilets all have a white roof to allow natural light in, that’s only helpful when there is natural light, so do your future self a favour and have our drivers deliver your SHVT Box to a well-lit area.

It’s all just empty words…

Honestly, you can put your toilet wherever you like, but the most important thing to remember is that someone will have to empty it, and for that, they’ll need it to be within 30 metres of where they can park their truck to be able to reach it with their hose and suck the waste out of it. 

If you’re not sure where would be the best place to set up your portable toilet, talk to us and we can recommend a spot to put it so that your people, and ours, can access it with ease.

How much to hire a standard portaloo

How can Pink Bins sort you out?

All of our portable toilets adhere to, and exceed, New Zealand Health and Safety standards, they come delivered (at no additional cost) to you within Auckland freshly steam-blasted with disinfectant. Our portable toilets also have ATP sanitisation monitoring, they’re equipped with hospital-grade hand sanitiser, and they’re Site Safe credited too! Our portable toilets come with a weekly service included in the price, if you need more frequent cleans, there’s a small additional fee. 

Now you know where to put them, how many toilets will you need? Well, as a general rule of thumb, we recommend hiring one toilet for every 10 people. Each area of Auckland has a set delivery day, but if that doesn’t work for you, just let us know what will suit and we’ll work something out (we’re very flexible, we’ve been doing lots of yoga lately).

When you hire a portable toilet from Pink Bins you can make your life (and your site management) as easy as 1, 2, 3. We’ve got all of your waste management needs covered with our Pink Bins, Pink Bags, and SHVT Boxes, so why not give us a call and we’ll let you take a SHVT Box out for a spin*.

*Please don’t attempt to move your SHVT Box! Avoid featuring in a viral video as the person who tips a portable toilet on themselves, if it needs to be relocated, just let us know, we’re always happy to help!