We all know how bad for the environment it is to dispose of waste incorrectly, so there is no need to be a tosser when it comes to disposing of your garden waste! 

We’re lucky enough to have plenty of options in Auckland to toss our weeds responsibly, but where do you even start to find the right solution for you? You ask your mates at Pink Bins, of course! Get yourself a bevy and let’s have a chat about garden waste bags. 

Where to Toss the Weeds? All about Garden Waste Bags

As a waste management company, the Pink Bins team knows a thing or two about tossing waste!

Frequent readers of our blog know that our focus is not just on tossing waste willy-nilly, but on managing waste responsibly, recycling whatever resources we can recover, and only sending that which is no longer fit for reusing to be disposed of appropriately. 

We also love to get our hands dirty in the garden, and we’ve got lots of tips for cleaning up your garden waste, and spring cleaning your home (because those chores go hand in hand this time of year as you prepare for the influx of Christmas visitors). 

So, once you’ve cleared your yard, what should you do with your garden waste? Garden waste bags are a great option, but you have choices galore! Check it out:

Council bins

Even though we have food scrap bins now (which we still think is a massive win!), unfortunately, us Aucklanders don’t have a council-provided, curb-side collection specifically for green waste. Not to worry though, we still have options! 

For any noxious weeds and invasive species like moth plants, tradescantia, wild ginger, and woolly nightshade, you can put them in your general refuse bin. Of course, as a general rule, this isn’t the best way to dispose of organic waste and usually we don’t recommend it. However, not all composting facilities get hot enough to destroy these weeds so, to stop the spread of these unwanted pest plants, it’s best to avoid lumping them in with valuable garden waste that can be easily turned into precious compost.

Depending on where in Auckland you live, you may have a community pest plant bin close by (at the time of writing this post, there are pest weed bins permanently at Piha Domain and Huia Domain). If there is a pest bin near you, we recommend disposing of your weeds there. 

Otherwise, keep an eye on the council website to see when temporary pest weed bins will be in your neck of the woods!

If your garden waste contains fibrous plants like bamboo, palm fronds, cabbage trees, or organic matter from around kauri trees, it’s important to put your waste into a general refuse bin and send it to the landfill to prevent the spread of kauri dieback disease and to avoid causing damage to organic waste processing equipment. None of us want to be responsible for that! And we can all do our part to prevent it by being tidy Kiwis and disposing of our garden waste with care. 

What Can and Can't Go Into Pink Bags

Garden waste bag collection

There are a number of companies around the city that offer garden waste bags and bins, either as a one-off or on a regular basis. These can be a good option if you find your garden waste is frequently piling up and you don’t have time or the ability to dispose of it yourself. 

It’s always best to shop around to find the best price for services for your area and check that they collect the types of plants you’ll likely be disposing of.


If you’ve got a bit of a green thumb, why not try your hand at composting your garden waste before you order a garden waste bag collection service?

Don’t worry! If that seems like something to put in the too-hard basket, we’ve got you covered with our composting guide

Waste transfer stations 

With waste transfer stations all over Auckland, if you have the time, the strength, and a suitable vehicle, you can drop your garden waste off directly! 

No need to fluff around organising a garden waste bag, just head to your local when it suits you and they’ll sort you out in less time than it takes to complain about your least favourite actions in National’s 100 Day Plan. 

Pink Bags

While Pink Bags aren’t exclusively garden waste bags, they sure do the job! 

If it’s not just garden waste you need to get off your lawn (or out of your house, office or shed), then a Pink Bag is the perfect solution! Available in a few sizes to suit your needs, you can fill it at your leisure*, with a whole range of waste. We’ll sort it for you so you’ll know your waste is going to the right places – we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the convenience and the cost of a Pink Bag.

*That’s right! Pink Bags are here to make it easy for you, whether you need your bag for a week, a month, or even a year, it’s no problem! Order your bag online, we’ll deliver it to you as soon as humanly possible, then you just fill it up at your own pace and give us a call when you’re ready for one of our drivers to collect it. No stress, no fuss, and no pressure of a prefixed pick-up date.  

skip bag size

Pink Bins

If you’ve got a garden waste pile that could rival Mount Everest, or you’ve got a large, mixed load of waste to evict from your home, then we reckon you should skip the garden waste bag altogether and head straight to our website to order a Pink Bin

If you’re eligible, WINZ may even be able to help you out with the cost of a Pink Bin. 

Get in touch with the Pink Bins team through our contact form, flick us an email, or give us a shout on the phone and we’ll get you your garden waste sorted with a Pink Bin or Pink Bag!