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So you’ve heard of skip bins, but have you heard of Pink Bags? You might call them skip bags, flexible skips, or those-big-bags-for-disposing-of-junk! Here in NZ, we probably use all of those names, and more, but at Pink Bins, we like to call them Pink Bags

So, why should you care about Pink Bags in NZ? And how could a Pink Bag benefit you?

The Benefits of Hiring a Pink Bag in NZ

Before we go getting ahead of ourselves, we should probably explain exactly what a Pink Bag is. Imagine if a tarpaulin and a reusable grocery bag had a baby… And that baby is essentially an overgrown shopping bag, capable of holding 1m3, or 3m3, of stuff inside it (or up to 500 or 800kg, respectively) and it’s made of the same, ultra sturdy material of a tarpaulin so that it can easily be picked up and taken away by one of our removal trucks. 

Still with us? Great! So, how does a huge shopping bag benefit you? 

Move. That. Junk! 

Designed to provide a flexible and convenient alternative to traditional metal skip bins, the most obvious benefit of using a Pink Bag is that it’s an easy way to get rid of any waste you’ve got around your home, office, or construction site. You can use your Pink Bag in NZ to dispose of a mix of rubbish, including: 

  • Construction waste such as GIB, insulation, flooring and timber,
  • Demolition waste, even hard fill and clean fill, so long as it’s not filled more than an 8th of the way up the bag,
  • Garden waste, including leaves, grass cuttings, and small branches,
  • Appliances, even fridges and freezers, so long as they’ve been degassed,
  • Commercial waste – we’re talking packaging materials, manufacturing waste and office rubbish,
  • Household waste.

Whatever you’ve been doing, if you’ve got an excess of rubbish hanging around, Pink Bags make it easy to get rid of all the junk in your trunk (or backyard, garage, kitchen, etc.). If you have only one type of waste, such as green waste, or GIB board, give us a call, we may be able to offer you a Pink Bag at a discounted price.

Pink Bag in NZ

Take your time

If you’ve got more time than rubbish, Pink Bags are the perfect solution! 

Usually, when you hire a skip bin, you book it for a specific amount of time, and then it’s promptly picked up. But what if you don’t want to be rushed as you clear out your house? What if you’d like to take your time, or you’re working on a project that will produce a fair bit of waste over a longer period, and frankly you just need somewhere out of the way to put it until there’s enough to bother having it collected?

You guessed it! Pink Bags are the answer to your prayers! You just order your bag online, it’ll be delivered to you, you fill it up at your own pace, and then give us a call when it’s ready to be collected, and we’ll be there within seven days to take it away. 

Save space

All over NZ, higher-density housing is popping up, and space is becoming a premium. In Auckland, we know all about that already! But it certainly doesn’t make it any easier. Don’t worry though, Pink Bags are here to save the day! 

Pink Bags are awesome if you don’t have room for a metal skip bin. Unlike traditional skip bins, they can fit into tighter, or more awkwardly shaped spaces, and areas with limited access (so long as our drivers can still reach them to pick them up!).

So, how big is a Pink Bag? We have Pink Bags in two different sizes; 1m x 1m x 1m (1m3) and; 2 m x 1.5 m x 1m (3m3). But, since they’re easy to squish into place, yes, it’ll probably fit in that awkward corner of the driveway that you’re thinking about, but it might be best to double-check with our team first. 

Save some moolah

Pink Bags generally work out a little bit cheaper than traditional skip bins, since they can be sent out in the post. Plus, if you have a smaller amount of waste to dispose of, you might be able to get a smaller Pink Bag, that way you only pay for the capacity you actually need.

The Pink Bins website now has Quick Quote functions for both Pink Bins, and Pink Bags, so you can compare prices based on your requirements and find the option that’s perfect for you!

Pink Bag NZ

Think of the environment

We’ve already shown you how Pink Bags are flipping fantastic if you’d like to dispose of your rubbish at a leisurely pace, not worry about where to fit a skip bin, and save some cash money too. What more could you want, really? 

Oh, you’d like for the company that takes your Pink Bag away to sort through your waste, recycle anything they can, and dispose of the rest responsibly so that you can relax knowing that you’re not ruining New Zealand’s ecosystem… 

Fair enough! That’s what we want too. That’s why, back in 2005, Pink Bins established our very own recycling plant in Manukau. There, our team can go through your waste*, and ensure no recyclable materials are sent to the landfill. We may not be able to single-handedly save the polar bears, but we can make sure that your waste is sorted properly. Pretty nifty, huh? 

*For the safety of our team, we can’t accept hazardous waste in our Pink Bags, but we’ve got Hazibags which are perfect for that! 

Make things easy on yourself!

Disposing of your waste ethically in NZ should be easy, or at least that’s what we think at Pink Bins! When you buy a Pink Bag, the process is simple: Purchase a Pink Bag. Fill the Pink Bag. Remove the Pink Bag. Job done! Pat yourself on the back and grab a cold one from the fridge. 

It really is that easy, so cheers to the genius that is Pink Bags! 

Do you have more questions about Pink Bags in NZ, or one of our other services? Give us a shout – we’d love to spin a yarn with ya!